Elena Foresto Same Sex Wedding Photo

Gabriele & Doriano


Gabriele & Doriano

Theater of Lamporecchio

Same Sex Wedding in Tuscany

Elena Foresto Wedding Photographer

Wedding Planner: Maria Lo Re

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Doriano and Gabriele welcome me to their home in the village of Lamporecchio, not far from Empoli, between the Tuscan hills and immense vineyards.

Along with them there are their fantastic dogs: Isotta and Carlotta. They can be separated everywhere, even during their preparation.

The details are very well cared for: handmade shoes, equal poppies, reddish socks, and finally their wedding rings, engraved with their name.

To help them dress up, there are Dorian’s daughter and her girlfriend Maria. A final check and then go to the Lamporecchio Theater where the wedding celebration will take place.

The theater is very nice, cozy with the red chairs the curtain of the same color.

Some wedding photography between theater and fayer stages.
With the mayor’s arrival, the ceremony begins.

They are both very excited, they are about to crown their love after having been together for over twenty years …

Some photos of wedding rings and the speeches of the two wedding witnesses that fill the tears with all the guests, and me too.
From the theater, we go to lunch near the village of Vinci.

Some group photos and then with the sun on the sunset we go along with the dogs to make the last photographs of the wedding that will remain indelible throughout their lives.