Elena Foresto Photographer Lebanese Wedding

Ralph & Mira


Ralph and Mira

Lebanese Wedding in Florence

Wedding Photographer in Florence

Location: Four Season Florence

Stazione Leopolda – Pitti –

Wedding Cake: Melanie Secciani Tuscan Wedding Cake

The Wedding Photographer in Florence Elena Foresto, wanted this marriage with Ralph and Mira, highlight the beauty and luxury of the couple and the guests.

A Lebanese wedding with 600 guests from around the world. The getting ready takes place at the Four Seasons in Florence, in the city center.

While the real party propia in one of the coolest location in Florence: the Stazione Leopolda. An old train station, now transformed into a location for events, management is of Pitti, which often uses to fashion events.

The incredible dress of the bride is completely studded with precious and Peter made a great Lebanese world-renowned fashion designer.

The wedding photographer in Florence has developed a photo service with the help of two other photographers. A photographer professional Italian weddings that dealt only the arrival of the guests.

A wedding photographer who was in charge of preparing a live slideshow of pictures of the preparation and celebration.

The photographer Florence Elena Foresto weddings took in the main hall, table service was luxurious, lively choreography by jugglers and acrobats brightened the evening, there were people on stilts and those circling hanging from the ceiling of wheels suspended.

An incredible spectacle. This show was accompanied by a very famous DJ, also from Lebanon.

The photo shoot of this marriage ended with the dances of the couple and all the guests.